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Logo2 Crawford County Public Health
Prevent, Promote, Protect

Crawford County Resource Directory

Crawford County Public Health Department is the official agency of the County responsible for the promotion of wellness, prevention of disease by identifying and minimizing health risks and provision of a healthful environment.

Active, healthy families and persons of all ages, abilities, and cultures living, learning, working, and playing in thriving communities.

Core Values
Prevention and promotion. Strategies that prevent disease and promote healthy living in healthy environments lead to long term benefits for everyone.
Responsiveness. Provide leadership on health related issues and concerns expressed by the community, by population data and by the Board of Health
Collaboration. Community partnerships produce well-supported and cost-effective health outcomes by bringing people, resources, and organizations together.
Data-driven, science-based services. Effective public health interventions depend on the best and most up-to-date research and information available.
Social justice and diversity. A healthy community recognizes that everyones health matters equally, and that services and solutions must be accessible, affordable, and appropriate for all.
Customer service and accountability. As vigilant stewards of the publics trust, we provide services that are responsive and accountable to the communitys needs.
Skilled, innovative workforce. A well-trained, dedicated, and creative workforce is the foundation of our ability to assess and address the health of the community.

Gloria Wall, RN, BSN Director                     gwall@crawfordcountywi.org 
Deanna Wallin-Sander, BSN, RN                    dwsander@crawfordcountywi.org 
Judy Powell, BSN, RN                                      jpowell@crawfordcountywi.org 
Michelle Breuer, BSN, RN                              mbreuer@crawfordcountywi.org 
Sharon Steele, Administrative Assistant         ssteele@crawfordcountywi.org

Crawford County Public Health Committee Members
Marjory Sheckler, Phil Mueller, Gari Lorenz, Dr. Walter Boisvert,
Katie McGovern, Twilia Dettman, RN, Rose Bauer, RN

 Office Hours:
8:00 to 4:30 Monday Friday  
Phone: 608-326-0229
Fax: 608-326-0289

225 N. Beaumont Rd.
Suite 306
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821



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